Hand made Wallpaper

Mockingbirds. 1725

Royal Bees. 1800

Moroccan. 1700

Central Rose. 1725

Castles. 1800

Italian Box Paper. 1770

Sprig. 1800

Ginsburg Birds. 1830

Persian. 1750

Nuremberg Embroidery. 1770

Domino Geometric. 1800

Ginsburg Swag. 1830

Rose Octagon. 1830                 Not for sale.

Tessellation. 1800

European. 1825


 All wallpapers are printed, sold and hung as sheets of paper.
Sheets are roughly 20” wide x 20-30”tall (50cm wide x 50-80cm tall.)
Samples shown here are 60”/1.5m wide and comprise 3 sheets in width.
Sheet prices range from £60.00-£180.00.

All colour schemes are bespoke.
Due to the time and effort involved in producing these papers, there is a minimum order of 30 sheets.

30 sheets equals roughly 70ft sq.